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Welcome to BrokenBirds.org

Meet ChaCha, our Catalina ambassador

About Us

How Can We Help?


This sanctuary is exclusively for permanently 'broken' birds with special needs because of inhumane humans. 

In order to support our effort we do appearances with our two ambassadors, a Catalina and a Blue&Gold; we are ready for photo ops, events, visits to schools, special needs facilities and nursing homes among other events like weddings, business promotions, teaching opportunities and conventions. 

We also do in home bird sitting within our area and consult on bird behavior, diet, environment and overall needs. 

Our aim is to never have to rescue another broken bird again. 

Get Involved!

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with social media, both online (especially online) and in the real world. 

Also, if you're within our area and have a truck maybe once or twice a year we receive a donation of  goods such as cages and sure could use the 'on call' help 

Thank You


We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. Thank you for your time and donations that makes this possible!

Donate Now

This is Thumper.  He is blind from horrific neglect; his jaw has been broken along with a leg at the hands of his humans.  Help us never have to say 'no' to needs like this.  

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We come to you

Don't stress your bird(s) by boarding them and possibly exposing them to disease/illness.  In-home care also makes your home look occupied while you're away.  We provide daily photos/videos for your peace of mind

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